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a captain goes at the beginning of the 1st game of the match to call the coin toss for their team. if they win, they decide if they want serve or side. if the match goes to 3 games the captain goes...

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Tossing in volleyball for your overhand serve needs to be consistent in height and placement in order for you to improve your volleyball serve skills. Consistent Tossing in Volleyball Is How To Improve Your Overhand Serve: The toss is one of the most important elements of how to serve a volleyball: (Gallery Three)

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Toss. The ball must be thrown up into the air by approximately 20in. The hitting hand is drawn back as the ball is thrown up by bending it at the elbow and then bringing it forward to connect with the ball.

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No matter your serving style, the toss is a fundamental part of the serve in volleyball. You can't serve a ball without tossing it up in some way, shape or form. With that being the case, the volleyball serve rules state that when you serve, only one toss is allowed once the referee has blown their whistle.

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the rule is different about letting the ball drop. For 14 and under competitions, you can toss the ball and let it drop once for every time you complete a serve. For 15 and up competitions, you must hit every toss. You cannot let the toss hit the floor or it will be a sideout. The rule for the NCAA is the same. If you toss it, you will hit it.

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Underhand Serve. An underhand serve is a volleyball serve in which the ball is given a slight under-hand toss from about waist high and then struck with a closed fist by the opposite hand. The underhand serve is usually the first type of serve taught to a beginning player inyouth volleyball. Overhand Serve.

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Know the lingo! Pass – The first contact after a serve is considered a “pass”. The player who passes the ball is called the “passer”. Usually a pass is made with a player’s forearms but can also be made overhead with two open hands.

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Only one toss or release of the volleyball is allowed. Dribble or moving the ball around is permitted. At the moment of the serve contact, or takeoff for a jump serve, the server must not touch the court or the ground outside the service zone. After the contact for serve, the player may step or land outside the service zone, or inside the court.