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Basketball traces its roots back to the late 1800s in Massachusetts, and the net was not a net but fruit baskets which has their bottoms removed after some years later. There is much that you come to appreciate about the game if you look into its history. Take this ultimate basketball quiz for beginners and get to learn more about basketball history.

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Are you ready for basketball, or not? 1. What is it called when you pick up your dribble, then dribble again without passing? Double-dribble. A penalty. A non-pass-dribble. A foul. 2. How many times do you have to foul to get kicked out of a game?

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Basketball For Kids Quiz. 1. Each regulation basketball game begins with an inbounds pass. True. False. NEXT>. 2. Where do you go, if you get fouled in the act of shooting?

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Basketball Quiz Questions with Answers. 1285 Administrator July 13, 2016 Quiz 37.741K. 1. Who invented the game of Basketball? Answer: Dr. James Naismith; 2. When and where was it first played?

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The player is sent back to his own end. 9. How is a game started? A. Kick-off. B. The ball is bounced by the referee inbetween one player from each team. C. The ball is thrown up in the air by the referee between two players, one from each team, and they have to try and knock it to their team-mates.

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It's hard to imagine that basketball started with the simple goal of putting a ball into a basket, a literal basket. Looking at the sport today, the original rules of the game make it seem like an ancient practice, played by some distant dynasty, where only the most privileged members of society could take part.

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Basketball Quiz Questions. How many players are there in a basketball team? A basketball hoop is how many feet high: (a)6 feet, (b)8 feet, or (c)10 feet? Which three initials is the men's professional basketball league in North America known by?

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Basketball Quiz Questions and Answers. 1. What is an alley-oop? A. The ball-handler throws the basketball near the basket to their teammate who dunks it in. B. The ball-handler rolls around their teammate to protect the ball from the enemy. C. The ball-handler throws the ball from the half-court.

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